September 25, 2023

Kids With Food Allergies And Camp: Here’s How They Can Go Hand-In-Hand

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Life with food allergies presents many challenges, one of the scariest being day or overnight camp. Camp, unlike school, often provides freer and less supervised and structured time. Teachers are replaced with camp counselors that are often high school or college students. Many parents avoid camping experiences altogether. However, others feel it necessary to let their food-allergic children live their lives as normally as possible.

If you are considering summer day or overnight camp for your food allergic child, following are some things to think about:

  • What is the child to staff ratio?
  • Is there an EpiPen trained nurse on the grounds?
  • Will all staff be EpiPen trained?
  • Who will carry your child’s EpiPen when or if he can’t?
  • Where is the nearest hospital and what is the emergency response time?
  • What foods are served and how are they prepared?

This list is just a starting point. If you are nervous about the prospect of summer camp for your food allergic child, you might want to consider doing further research to find a food allergy-friendly camp.

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