September 22, 2023

Cedar Allergies In Children: Prevention And Treatment Options

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Hay fever, or cedar fever, happens to many people regardless of age. Sometimes the idea of medicating a baby for an airborne allergy may seem extreme. But if the allergic response is significant and you see your baby suffering, it’s very likely you’ll want to help her feel better.

Hay Fever Is Not Really A Fever

Although in some cases fever may be present, usually hay fever or cedar fever is merely an allergic response to airborne allergens from, you guessed it, cedar. It’s seasonal and predictable. The spores are active from December to mid-February. Symptoms include itchy eyes, drippy nose, sneezing and/or stuffiness.

Babies With Cedar Allergies

It’s difficult to stand by and watch a baby suffer through seasonal allergies. She won’t be able to tell you how she feels or what her symptoms are. Unlike a virus, which can last about six days, allergies go on much longer, irritating the nose and throat. There may be a fever, and symptoms can worsen at night.

Treat With Caution

Try drug-free or homeopathic remedies first. For babies who need more aggressive treatment, a safe option is to turn to FDA-approved Zyrtec for infants. Zyrtec syrup is approved for children as young as six months old. A chewable version is also available for children who can tolerate it. You should also talk to your pediatrician about other approved over-the-counter medications.


While you can’t clean up the great outdoors, you can do a lot to create a clean home environment. Air filters, particularly in a child’s room, will help keep the air clean of allergens. Find one with a HEPA filter.

Try removing carpeting from the room, if possible, as allergens and dust mites tend to collect there. Also, be mindful of the detergents you use on bedsheets. Go for perfume-free, hypoallergenic varieties when possible. This will prevent irritation at night when kids are sensitive.

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